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Meditation CD Testimonials

“I am loving Tammy Billups’ new CD “Embracing the Divine Within”. Hearing Tammy’s soothing voice and incredible messages accompanied by beautiful, angelic music is a great way to stop, breathe, and receive. They will be part of my essential tool kit for living a thriving and loving life! I will make it a practice to listen often.”
Marie Fratoni
CEO www.getclientseverywhere.com

“I LOVE this CD! I have always had a hard time sitting still long enough to meditate but the imagery in Tammy’s recording is so beautiful and powerful. I am able to reel my mind back in if (when) it wanders and maintain the emotional connection to source energy with her soothing voice and clear envisioning. I especially enjoy the one for abundance. It has taught me to FEEL my way to abundance. Thank you, Tammy, for this beautiful gift!”
Carolyn Purvis
Owner www.PurvidiseYoga.com

“It seems that as humans we are special but not unique. And, this CD has given me new tools for challenges that come up again and again in my humanness.
I’m grateful for the meditation on abundance which energized my spirit. I felt as if my fear had been transformed into excitement for manifesting.
On the second meditation on creating safety, Tammy gave me a new tool for grounding down to the core of the Earth. I felt more secure than I have ever before- LOVE that!!
The third meditation on loving and nurturing myself could not have been more timely. I find that when I am growing and letting go of things that no longer serve me, an inner judger comes out. Today my Soul was healed by repeating the words, Tammy gently spoke. “I am beautiful!”
Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful gift to the world!! I will be listening over and over for my own healing!!”
Pam Brooks-Crump, MBA
CEO W.E.C.A.N. Coaching and Networking Groups

“Tammy has created a beautiful example of finding a calm place within ourselves and becoming centered through meditation. I love this CD for relaxation and for supporting me in my journey of self-nurturing and self love.
In the age of “mind clutter”—”Embracing the Divine Within” provides an avenue and refuge to reduce the internal noise that seriously impacts our ability to be mindful and aware. I feel like I am being wrapped in a blanket of feathers when listening to Tammy’s voice.”
Gaby Beyer

“Tammy is just wonderful! She has 3 meditations that are the perfect length, about 15 minutes long. She has a very calming effect as she gently guides you into a deeply relaxed state of mind. I have always had trouble meditating until I discovered her guided meditations.
Each meditation focuses on a different area that you may want to work on in your life. I love them all! I would highly recommend this CD for both the beginner, who is struggling to get into a deep state, or the experienced who enjoys finding new avenues to be brought into a calming, meditative state.”
Mary Sabat

“I have been listening to Embracing the Divine Within meditation CD to start my day. It helped me develop greater depths of calmness so I can face the day and move forward for a loving, thriving life. Thank you Tammy!”
Seble Francis

“I felt as though I was in the presence of a ‘light angel.’ The meditations are so well-conceived and carried through that when I completed each one, I felt what I had meditated upon had been achieved. I’m so impressed with this CD that I am now using it in conjunction with facilitating my women’s groups and recommending it to clients and friends!”
Bonnie Salamon
Autumn’s Fire, LLC
Sunflower Ceremonies, LLC

“I have been working on manifesting more abundance in my business and smiled with gratitude when I began listening to Manifesting an Abundant Life. Tammy’s soft, gentle voice filled my body and mind with a sweet warmth that wrapped me in a cocoon of love and gently cradled me throughout the meditation. I saw the angels of abundance, I felt their light, and I slowly surrendered to their unconditional love. And through that love I embraced my truth, the divine within me. Tammy’s reminders about self-love and gratitude helped me to reconnect with my source of power, that all-knowing, ever-loving part of me that constantly guides me to my greater good. If you want more abundance in your life, in whatever area you choose, this meditation will guide you there, easily and effortlessly. Thank you, Tammy!”

Nanette Littlestone Writing Coach, Editor, & Publisher, Founder of Words of Passion


“In the past year or so, your meditations have facilitated my going deeper and allowing more healing, self-forgiveness, clearing and empowerment than I thought possible!”

Tara Green, Owner, www.galleryoflove.net

“Tammy’s meditation CD uses the power of visualization to send you to your heart space. Her voice (gift) is better than any other facilitator that I’ve listened to for guided meditations.”
Cynthia Eichenlaub
Artist, Reiki Master