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Making your list and checking it twice…

Here it is December already.  Where did the year go?  One of the holiday traditions I do is in the making of our Holiday cards.  I always write out the 10 most memorable moments from the last year to include in our cards.

Have you noticed that when we force ourselves to remember events of the past year, it’s easiest to recall what went wrong?

Most of us are trained at an early age to focus on the negative.  But what if you looked back upon the last year with positive eyes?  I am always amazed at how easily the list comes together after a bit of focus. And, while my list is not always all positive, I typically find myself saying– whoa! How did I fit all that in one year?

So, while there could have been perceived hurdles and negative experiences in our life– I believe there are always pearls of wisdom that are better able to come into our awareness through more challenging times.

These are the times that help us grow, learn,
and become better people.

So, I encourage you to make your list and check it twice to see how much you have grown and experienced this last year.

I wish you and yours a Holiday Season filled with Peace, Laughter and Joy!

All the best,

  1. Very energetic blog, I enjoyed that a lot. Will there be
    a part 2?

    • :) Maybe one day. Just writing where it flows. Thank you for your positive feedback Lynn!